MegaFans Joins Techstars' Accelerator Class of 2022


MegaFans will participate alongside other Web3 startups to build on blockchain technology and work towards a more decentralized future.

MegaFans, a worldwide multiplayer gaming platform company, announces its acceptance into the Launchpool Web3 Techstars Accelerator Class of 2022 as part of its first-ever Web3 cohort. MegaFans joins 10 other innovative companies in Dublin, Ireland, whose projects are enabling the growth of blockchain and tokenization, as well as the adoption of Web3 to a broader audience.

The Accelerator officially begins on April 4, 2022, and concludes with Demo Day scheduled for June 30, 2022.

Over the course of each three-month program, Techstars immerses participants in an unrivaled network of mentors, corporate partners, investors, and alumni. During this time, the companies participating will be in a position to achieve two years of work in only 13 weeks.

At the conclusion of the Accelerator on Demo Day, participants will have the opportunity to unveil their talent, pitch investors and raise money for their company.

Techstars accelerators have one primary goal: to help entrepreneurs succeed. The mentorship-focused program has assembled over 100 mentors, including Web3 experts, serial entrepreneurs, ecosystem connectors and advisors to work with accelerator participants and help them reach their full potential. 

Techstars also provides funding and fundraising opportunities, workshops and curated resources, all in an environment that is ideal for learning from peers. Thousands of successful companies across the world have received their start through a Techstars Accelerator.

Read Techstars' Official Announcement on the Web3 Accelerator Class of 2022.

To learn more about the Techstars Accelerator, check out the MoneyNeverSleeps podcast on LinkedIn.

About Techstars

The Techstars worldwide network helps entrepreneurs succeed. Founded in 2006, Techstars began with three simple ideas—entrepreneurs create a better future for everyone, collaboration drives innovation, and great ideas can come from anywhere. Now we are on a mission to enable every person on the planet to contribute to, and benefit from, the success of entrepreneurs. In addition to operating accelerator programs and venture capital funds, we do this by connecting startups, investors, corporations, and cities to help build thriving startup communities. Techstars has invested in more than 2,500 companies with a combined market cap of more than $200B.

About MegaFans

MegaFans (Mobile eSports Gaming Fanatics) is building the world's first mobile esports community using blockchain, cryptocurrency, and NFTs in a play-to-earn environment for gamers, collectors and developers, where 2.8 billion daily active users play, compete, and win prizes. MegaFans offers turnkey solutions for mobile game publishers that increase monetization and retention by enriching the players' experience and their communities. MegaFans' mantra is "eSports for All!", which focuses on underserved markets around the world. They use a leaderboard format that features multiple tournaments simultaneously, to an infinite number of players globally, no matter what skill level or geo-location. Links to MegaFans' social media and company channels can be found at

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