MegaFans Launches Asia Tour, Forms Collaborations With Game Developers, Cryptos and NFTs

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MegaFans CEO Tours Japan, Vietnam and Singapore on Road Show to Fortify Markets in the East

MegaFans, the world's first mobile esports community, announces a full-scale business development tour through Asia in September 2022, including the Tokyo Game Show, Saigon, Hanoi and Token2049 in Singapore. MegaFans CEO will meet with several game development studios to collaborate and continue to build relations with Gaming, Web3, and blockchain coders, to expand its presence throughout Asia. 

"Now is the time to build," states Jeff Donnelley, MegaFans CEO and veteran gaming executive. Donnelley has over 25 years of marketing experience, with world-class brands such as Ubisoft, DraftKings, and now MegaFans. "The market is soft and ripe, which is a proven perfect entry point to collaborate and scale for success in the near future."

MegaFans is already collaborating with several game developers in Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam and China. The plan, according to Donnelley, is to solidify an open exchange for the entire gaming industry and especially around blockchain games and products that include cryptocurrency and NFTs, both of which MegaFans has been fully immersed in since 2021 as part of their corporate growth strategy. Game developers are able to use the MegaFans' infrastructure to create an esports environment, with tournaments that offer Web3 prizes such as cryptocurrency and NFTs.

Gaming has proven to be one of the main onramps for growth and early adoption in the blockchain sector. Blockchain gaming has grown 2,000% year over year through Q1 of 2022 and isn't slowing compared to the entire blockchain sector.

Megafans is an infrastructure platform for game developers, offering software as a service (SaaS) with their esports software development kit that enables live tournaments inside games that generate revenue and increase retention as well as player lifetime value (LTV) - the ultimate key performance indicator of gaming. 

MegaFans is building the world's first mobile esports community using blockchain, crypto, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in a play-to-earn environment for gamers, collectors, and developers. To learn more, visit To download games, visit

MegaFans (Mobile Esports Gaming Fanatics) is building the world's first mobile esports community using blockchain, cryptocurrency and NFTs in a play-to-earn environment for gamers, collectors and developers, where 3 billion daily active users can play, compete and win prizes. MegaFans offers turnkey solutions for game publishers that increase monetization and retention by enriching the players' experience and their communities. MegaFans' mantra is "Esports for All!", which focuses on underserved markets around the world. They use a leaderboard format that features multiple tournaments simultaneously, to an infinite number of players globally, no matter what skill level or geo-location. Links to MegaFans' social media and company channels can be found at

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